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Central Atlantic Salt Collectors



CASC was started in Richmond, Virginia in February 2010 with a dozen people from the Central Atlantic region who admire, enjoy and sometimes even covet open salts.   Today CASC has over 75 members from all over the United States.


CASC membership dues vary depending on the format of the newsletter and the number of years in the subscription.  


CASC typically holds meetings four times a year on a Saturday.  Meetings are usually hosted by members in a restaurant, hall, or member’s home.  About a dozen people attend each meeting. The meetings typically include – Meet & Greet, Business Meeting, Show and Tell, Lunch, Program, and Buy & Sell (which gives members a chance to sell or buy from one another).  Often there is an Open House where members open their homes and share their personal open salt collections.  Our programs are varied, usually consisting of a speaker on a subject relevant to open salts.  Occasionally, we have taken tours of museums or historical sites near the meeting location, such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, and sometimes the meeting will be scheduled so members can attend an antiques show such as the Baltimore Summer Antiques show or the D.C. Big Flea Antiques Market, as well as the meeting.


Four times a year CASC publishes a newsletter.  The newsletter usually contains information about the last meeting including a detailed write-up of the program, news about the upcoming meeting, and other club information or special announcements.


To join CASC and receive our newsletter, please fill out this form: 

CASC Membership Form


5th Year Anniversary Salt  (Sold Out)

10th Year Anniversary Salt  (Now Available)


President: Cathy P.
Vice President: Nina R.
Treasurer: George K.
Secretary: Connie K.
Newsletter Editor: Kent H.

Central Midwest Open Salt Collectors


C-MOSS was formed in 1995, and over the last 20 years has had over 130 members. We have met at 19 locations in North Central Illinois and have held over 47 meetings averaging 21 members in attendance. The club has worked very closely with MOSS, and was responsible for the 1999 Convention in Chicago. Many joint overnight meetings have been held with MOSS over the years. Club information is as follows: The club's Coordinator is Keith Tucker; PH: 815-498-1940; email- The club has no dues or By-Laws. It's basic principal is to meet with fellow salt collectors, enjoy fellowship, share as much educational information as possible and further the concept of the joys of collecting open salt cellars.

Midwest Open Salt Society



MOSS was formed in 1995 and is based in the US heartland, the Midwest. Meetings are held in the Spring and Fall, and have been held in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Club dues are currently $6.00/household, payable January 1st. Send to: MOSS c/o Barbara Hartman Apt. D, 2005 Eagleridge Court, Urbana IL 61802. Please direct any email questions to Barbara Hartman.

President: Sue S.
Vice President: Don & Deane R
Treasurer: Barbara H
Secretary: Susie P.
Historian: Charlotte B.
Newsletter Editor: Diane W.

New England Society of Open Salt Collectors



As reflected in its name, this club is based in the New England area of the United States. It was established in 1978. Meetings are held twice a year, on the third Saturday of April and October. 

Yearly dues are $15; Associate members pay $10 per year per household for membership and the NESOSC newsletter, Salt Talk.


President: Maria M.
Vice President: Donna K.
Secretary: Denise L.
Treasurer: Karen W. & Sue B.
Newsletter Editor: Lesley S. & Mimi W.


Please direct ALL E-mail questions to Judith R.

Open Salt Collectors of the Atlantic Region



OSCAR was officially founded in May 1986 after members met informally for about a year. This club is based in the Atlantic area (roughly PA, NJ, NY) of the United States.

Meetings are generally held three times a year.  Club dues are $5 per year.

Mail-in Membership Application


President: Mike C
Vice President:  Vacant
Secretary: Sherry D
Treasurer: Judy J
Newsletter Editor: Judy J

Please direct any email questions to Judy J




The Snowbird meeting is held in Florida once a year in either February or March.  It is open to members of all clubs and anyone else interested in open salts. The date and location change each year. The details are usually posted in the late fall. Please check the calendar for information on the upcoming meeting.

Open Salt Seekers of the West - Northern California




Open Salt Seekers of the West-Northern California was founded in the fall of 1983. The first meeting was held in January of 1984, making us the second Open Salt Club. Membership was based in the Bay Area stretching from Napa to Scotts Valley and East to Antioch. We have hosted three very successful conventions over the years. Unfortunately, the membership has declined to a point where there is no longer an active club.  

If you wish to have further information on the hobby, feel free to contact Sarah K at 925-757-9603.

Open Salt Seekers of the West - Southern California




Our club is the sister club to the northern one.  With California being 840 miles long, it was a necessity to have two clubs so that more were able to attend meetings.  Our by-laws were adopted August 18, 1984. The club has had its ups and downs in memberships and attending members, but we are now strong with 14 or 16 members at our meetings.  We do have a total of 25 members and hope to increase that number by producing an excellent information filled newsletter.


We have meetings 4 times a year on the second Saturday of the month.  We have found a nice accommodating restaurant that is located in a reasonable driving distance for our attendees.  We do everything from noon to 4:00 with an emphasize on fun while we learn and share.  Buy and Sell, Lunch, Meeting business, Presentation, Show and tell and a door prize drawing in which everyone takes home a new salt for their collection.  


The two clubs have had the honor, privilege and fun of hosting two conventions with help and input from all members.


President: J. Austin 

Vice President: R. Grube 

Treasurer: S. Cunningham

Secretary:  E. Halgunseth

Newsletter Editor:  D. Lynch

For further information, please contact Mary: 

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